Having a bell on your bike is the single most important accessory you can have to keep trails open. It helps other hikers, horseback riders, bears, mountain lions and Mtb. riders be AWARE   of your presence.

     The Awareness Bell is handcrafted by a Southern California artist/mountain bike enthusiast who spent hundreds of hours to design both beauty and timbre. It is both form and function when it comes to safety. The bell is 100% tig welded stainless steel fitted with a patented CNC striker that can be easily turned on and off. This bell will perk up ears and turn heads. The bell can also be customized with your initials to really make it your own. The Awareness bell comes with a Lifetime Warranty for repair.

     The Awareness Bell was first designed for mountain bikers to make other trail users aware of their presence, helping keep everyone safe. However since launching the Awareness Bell back in 2013, people have found many great uses as an extra piece of security.  For example; dog owners are using  them to keep track of their dogs in and outdoors, hunters and hikers use it as they are walking through bear and mountain lion country, and parents put it on their jogging strollers. And when they want silence they can easily secure the striker.

     Right now people are cruising the Awareness Bell on their bikes through the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, and more. They are doing it with safety and style.

     The Awareness Bell  is beautiful to listen to and beautiful to look at.

Help keep trails open- have a bell that alerts hikers and horseback riders that you are on your way down!

Here are hikers being alerted by the bells.They hear you coming and have time to find a safe spot to get off the trail, so you can pass by safely

Hello Chris,
I wanted to take a minute and let you know I received my order today and am extremely happy with your product and service. I had been searching for a bell and was not having any luck with a self ringing bell until I stumbled on to your site. Here in Georgia we seem to have a lot of inconsiderate riders and those that don't look ahead which this should solve! I hope to drum you up some business as well. Great product for the money and well spent in my opinion. Keep of the great work Chris!
Many thanks

Terry M.
Auburn, Georgia

 Dear Christopher,
     Just wanted to say thank you for a great product! Been using your bell for about a week now and I must say it always attracts attention in a positive way from the many hikers I encounter on my multi-use trails. Also, it's great not having to deal with the distraction of a finger operated bell. Others must know a good thing when they hear it (or not hear it) since every time I stop, it seems the first comment I get is "Hey, that's a cool bell."

The handmade quality and simple, foolproof design is just icing on the cake! Looking forward to many years of safer trail riding with my little companion.

Best regards,
Fred S.  Lomita, Ca.