Customer Comments

Yesterday as I was flying solo down a remote gravel road at 9,000’ elevation, a moose bolted across my path up ahead as the bell had alerted him well in advance. Had I startled him when closer, it might not have been so “cool”.  

The bell arrived today and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The robot is perfect and the bell looks incredible.  The clanger design is definitely ingenious and easy to use. 


I love this bell. I never take my hands off the throttle and pedestrians are never startled when I am riding behind them. I have had more than a few compliments. I hang it up front on my stem. It is out of the way and easy to mute. Keep up the good work!

hello Chris,

love the bell, and the workmanship is amazing.  really impressed w/ the way the bell can be silenced.  sometimes the simpler things in life, puts things in perspective.  :)